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Preparation For An Interview – How Important is this to you?

by Jenna Loh, Virtue Associates

With the recovery of the economy and the growing industries in Malaysia, many of us have been developing our career growth in many ways. There are also many of those who have been victims of retrenchment and unemployment during this past recession. The most commonly affected were the fresh graduates. Many of them have applied to many companies and many positions, yet were found to be unsuitable for the position for it did not match their requirements one way or the other.

So how do we know which job is suitable? How do we prepare for an interview and job application? Many of us now rely on Internet job portals to apply for jobs as it is more convenient. But how many of us know what to prepare when you are invited to an interview?
It is very common that we apply for jobs that we feel suitable after reading through the job description that is published in newspapers or on job sites. What we do not know is that there are also many issues the applicants must look into before applying for a job.

Read your way to success
~One common mistake that many applicants will do is that they will not look into the company background before applying for the jobs.
~Applicants should read or get some information on the company background before they apply or attend an interview, as the applicant must be aware of the working culture and the company focus.
~This is important as if applicant is invited to join the company, then he or she must be able to groom and be involved in the organisation's culture.

Dress your way to success
~Many hiring and human resources managers do not only look into the qualification of the applicant, but also how he or she carries him or herself during an interview
~Many times applicants do not dress properly for the interview and therefore, creates an opinion of the person in the minds of the interviewer(s)
~The grooming of the interviewees must not be too strong as it proves that the interviewees not confident enough on their appearance
~Interviewees should wear accordingly to the interview and not overly dress or too casual when attending an interview
~The attire worn should justify the level of responsibilities and the nature of the jobs
~Their clothings must also be properly ironed and need to show the responsibilities of the interviewee and the respect given to the interviewer


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