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What to Wear to An Interview?

You have made it through and have been called for an interview for the job you are applying for.

What should you wear to the interview?
Remember: First Impression Always Counts! There can never be another chance for a second first impression, as the name indicated, the first is only one time, and it is either you make it -or blow it.

Besides your self-confidence, possessing the paper qualifications, experience or attitude; it is important for you to dress well and appropriately for an interview in order to make the right impression to potential employers.

Dressing inappropriately to an interview conveys only one message to the interviewer: the candidate is naïve, and misunderstood the job requirements. Female candidates should be especially careful as a revealing outfit may not be seen as sexy or attractive at all, but may cause your interviewer to make moral judgments, or worse, dismiss you off as lacking in moral values, hence unsuitable for the job.

The best dressed candidate is the one least noticed for his or her appearance, which means that the interviewer would not be distracted by the fact that you dressed inappropriately and your other attributes would be noted during the interview. The interviewer will most likely focus on what you said during the interview and could more accurately judge your attitude and capability and not by your appearance.

Always keep in mind that going to an interview is not a social event. Dress conservatively and keep the accessories to a minimum. Garish make-up or sloppy flip flops tell the interviewer that you are inexperienced in the job hunting trade. Unless you are involved in theatre or creative arts, it is advisable for you to stick to conservative dressing for an interview.

~A neatly pressed long-sleeved working shirt (avoid colourful shirts, stick to one solid colour)
~A tie (optional but recommended)
~A suit or sports coat
~A pair of neatly-pressed dark-coloured slacks
~Conservative colours (avoid bright, flashy colours e.g. bright orange, fuchsia, etc.)
~Well polished dark-coloured shoes
~Neatly groomed or cleanly shaved beard and/or moustache

~Conservative blouse (steer clear of low cleavage and bare back designs)
~ Business suit
~ onservative Colours (keep the colours to a maximum of three)
~ Properly fitting, non-revealing clothes. Skirts should not be shorter than an inch above the knees
~ A conservative hairstyle, tied-up long hair or set hair in a neat hairstyle. Avoid colouring your hair in shocking colours if you are job hunting
~Appropriate closed-toe shoes or pumps. Wear sandles only when matched with long skirts


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