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Free Personal website mini resume for JobHunter

What is Mini Resume?
A mini resume contains a brief summary of your career highlights/experiences and qualifications. It can be used for networking purposes or shared upon request from a prospective employer or reference writer who may want an overview of your accomplishments, rather than a full length resume.

How to write Your Mini Resume?

Before you begin to write your mini resume, write an outline that includes these 5 important resume categories: Contact Information, Achievements/experiences, Special Skills, and Education. After you've assembled all of this data, select only the most pertinent information for each category to include in your mini resume.

Your First and Last Name
Your Street Address
City, State, Zip
Telephone (Home & Cell)
Your Email Address

In this area, write a brief summary of your most important achievement(s) in your previous position(s).
For example: "Created and designed all web site graphics, images, animation, multimedia, and navigation tools for JOHN DOE ENGINEERING COMPANY, resulting in the company's advance to Fortune 500 status."

Present your information in this category in a bulleted list format, listing each of your "special skills" individually. This makes your skills and/or certifications stand out and easy to scan by a potential employer or human resources person.
* Certified Graphic Design Artist
* Excellent computer skills
* In-depth knowledge of web site design
* Advanced experience in all graphic design software

When writing your education section of your mini resume, include the following:
Name of School/University
Degree and Date of Degree
GPA if Over 3.0

An Example:
University Malaysia Sabah
* Bachelor or Arts, June 2008
* Major: Graphic Design
* Minor: Business
* GPA: 3.7

Do free Sabah JobHunt Mini Resume safe?
Yes !. Only you and Sabah JobHunts' registered employer can view your resume. You will be given a web address of your mini resume. Your mini resume will not available through any search engine, so its confidential.

Who Can view your resume?
* Employer who register at Sabah JobHunt
* Selected employer you selected
* Employer/Person who know your web/URL address
* and You

How its Works?


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